Liti Capital launches staking rewards

Liti Capital SA
2 min readSep 9, 2021

wLITI holders can earn up to 9% APY without the need to lock up your tokens

Liti Capital’s goal has, since its inception, been to bring the tools and services typically reserved for the world’s wealthiest people and make them available to everyone. We’re very pleased to announce the next step in that mission: staking.

For the first time, wLITI token holders will be able to stake their tokens and receive wLITI in return. We’ve made the system super simple to allow any of our token holders to benefit from supporting our mission.

All wLITI token holders need to do is head over to the Liti Capital app, connect the wallet where their tokens are currently held, pick the staking option and choose which time frame is best for them. After that, simply hit “stake now” and you’ll be able to earn wLITI passively.

At launch there will be three options:

  • 4% APY for 30 days
  • 6% APY for 60 days
  • 9% APY for 90 days

While we’ve provided three options for how long users can stake their tokens for, there are no lockups, meaning users can un-stake their wLITI whenever they need to.

If a user decides they want to un-stake their tokens, instead of losing all the rewards, the system calculates how much interest the user has collected and issues the relevant amount back to the token holder.

On top of that, we’ve created functionality that allows users to create separate stakes that vest over different times. So a user could stake some tokens for 30 days and then create a separate stake for 60 days.

Once the time period has come to the end, token holders can simply re-stake using any of the three options available and begin earning again.

This is just the beginning of our journey with staking rewards, and we’re excited to share more features for our community in the coming months.

Starting on September 13, head over to the Liti Capital App and begin earning up to 9% APY on your wLITI without KYC or locking your tokens.



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