The Key Benefits of Litigation Financing

Increases Access to Justice

There are a multitude of different reasons why a potential claimant might shy away from pursuing a worthy dispute. Most of these reasons revolve around financial hesitation. The biggest, and perhaps most obvious reason, is that they simply can’t afford to push their case through. Lawsuits are expensive and slow-moving. For many, the price tag for a resolution is an uncrossable hurdle. Others might be able to afford their legal costs, but are generally risk-aversive and don’t want to end up accruing the associated debt should the outcome not be in their favor. In another camp, there are the tentative litigants who might be willing to take a gamble but don’t want to deal with having their money locked up for quite possibly multiple years without the guarantee of getting it back.

Levels the Playing Field

There’s certainly some irony in the fact that litigation financing is a rather new (or revived) industry due to fears surrounding it catalyzing court system imbalance, as it is currently proving itself to be a powerful equalizer.

Builds Bargaining Power

As it can easily be gleaned by this point, legal representation costs money, and the courts are fairer places when both sides have the amount of it they need to fully make their case. When there’s disparity, injustice has the potential to rear its ugly head.

Case Study

One of the most famous examples of litigation financing comes from the 2016 lawsuit Hulk Hogan v. Gawker. Hogan, born Terry Bolleau, sued Gawker for invasion of privacy after the media company posted a sex tape featuring Hogan and his friend’s wife.

How Liti Capital Makes a Difference

At Liti Capital, our first-of-its-kind, blockchain-backed equity token serves as a means to get more funding to more deserving plaintiffs, and to generate impressive returns for our investors while we’re at it. As LITI tokens represent shares in our company, consider investing in us to help us make the court systems that much fairer. Click here to learn more.



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Liti Capital SA is a fintech private equity company on the blockchain, providing a complete solution of strategy, case management and litigation financing.