What is Litigation Finance and Why is it Important to Decentralize?

Why Decentralize?

It’s no longer a radical idea that blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency are reshaping economic markets.

An Intro to Liti Capital’s ETOs

As it stands, Liti Capital has released two equity token offerings (ETOs), LITI and wLITI.

Decentralizing Doubles Down on the Redistributive Power of Litigation Finance

Decentralizing litigation finance intuitively aligns with the concept of equilibrium between profit and purpose, where no one entity can lay claim to the top of the food chain. Instead, decentralization symbiotically bolsters the industry’s interests in balancing power and generating wealth. Liti Capital provides equity access to the full spectrum of investors. Those investments go directly towards funding carefully selected cases. The outside funding they provide increases the chance of a well-deserving plaintiff receiving justice.



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Liti Capital SA

Liti Capital SA


Liti Capital SA is a fintech private equity company on the blockchain, providing a complete solution of strategy, case management and litigation financing.